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Chef and Owner, Giuseppe is a native of Ponza, Italy. Giuseppe’s restaurant experience is vast. He learned the art of cooking from his father in Ponza. Mr. Scarpati started cooking at the restaurant Cervo in the Piedmont Region of Italy at the tender age of thirteen. He quickly learned his craft and was asked to accompany the famous Cesar Fornara to South Africa to cook at The Cotton Hotel. When he came to America, Giuseppe was executive chef at The Rainbow Room, NYC, working with Tony May and Brian Belly. Giuseppe also held the position of executive chef at Il Giordano Restaurant, NYC. He was a member of The Chef Association of America from 1970 to 1985. Giuseppe starred in television cook shows for Joe Franklin and Bob Lape.

By 1995, Giuseppe left the Manhattan dining scene to open his own restaurant. He first opened Positano’s Restaurant in Westport on Post Road, and moved to Positano’s current waterfront location in 2001 to better serve the entire Norwalk, CT area.
Italian Restaurant Westport, CT
 			 Seafood Restaurant Norwalk, CT
Italian Restaurant Norwalk, CT
Italian Restaurant Westport, CT
Giuseppe’s son, Fernando Scarpati, is continuing the family's business. Fernando has worked at Positano’s since he was a young child, and has graduated from The Culinary Institute of America, Hyde Park, NY. Fernando has studied the art of pastry in Tuscany, Italy at the Laboratories of world-renowned pastry chef Luca Montersino.

Fernando Scarpati with renowned Chef & Restaurateur, Michel Roux. 
Giuseppe’s sister, Assunta Scarpati, has her own restaurant, A Casa di Assunta, in Ponza, Italy. Assunta has gained national recognition, receiving the Gambero Rosso Award and The Chiocciola of Slow Food from world-renowned chef Alice Waters.
Italian Restaurant Fairfield, CT
Italian Restaurant Norwalk, CT
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