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Seafood Restaurant Serving the
Norwalk & Westport, CT Area

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Authentic Regional Italian Cuisine. 

Positano has been owned and operated by the Scarpati family for more than fifteen years. The owner, Giuseppe Scarpati, was born on the island of Ponza, Italy, and has carried his family's traditions over to the States. Chef Giuseppe learned the art of cooking from his father, who studied with master chefs in Italy and was regarded as the island's best fisherman. Growing up on an island, Giuseppe appreciates and knows that the best food is made from the simplest and freshest ingredients. His cuisine focuses on all natural cooking, with fresh fishes, meats, fruits, vegetables, and aromatic herbs.

We strive to be your favorite Italian restaurant in the Norwalk, CT area and to create a dining experience for you to enjoy with family and friends.

Seafood Restaurant Norwalk, CT
Seafood Restaurant Westport, CT

History of Our Italian & Seafood Restaurant

Positano Ristorante was established in 1999 on the Post Road in Westport, CT by Giuseppe Scarpati.
Before moving to the restaurant’s current location on the acclaimed Westport Country Playhouse Campus, Positano has had two prior locations.”
Italian Restaurant Norwalk, CT
1330 Post Road East, Westport CT 06880. 
Seafood Restaurant, Fairfield, CT
233 Hillspoint Road, Westport CT
Italian Restaurant Fairfield, CT
Elements of Green Design of Reuse and Repurpose at Positano:
•    Energy efficient light fixtures with LED & Halogen bulbs are selected to enhance guest experience.
•    Alabama barn wood is reused in building the new bar and partition.
•    Table setting design incorporates sustainable Green Guard Certified Placemats.
•    EcoChi original art created and printed on canvas stretcher bar frames to preserve the barn wood walls.

27 Powers Court, Westport CT
Now, Positano is looking forward to a new chapter at their current location on the acclaimed Westport Country Playhouse Campus. This current space embodies a lot of history, being of the late Paul Newman. In choosing to keep the identity and history of the space intact, only select modern design elements were implemented to make the restaurant their own. Manhattan based design firm EcoChi, was the perfect designer due to their Environmentally Sustainable practices; an innovative approach that meticulously blends green practices with environmental psychology and classical feng shui was used to create a very inviting and relaxing environment. The 5 elements of Feng Shui for good energy flow (water, wood, fire, earth and metal) are balanced in the space to create a people friendly environment that is a perfect setting for great meals and warm, wonderful memories. Positano is the first restaurant in Connecticut to earn the EcoChi 180 degree Seal
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